Why Pro Dictation?
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Why ProDictation?

With ProDictation your files are securely stored in the cloud

  • Encrypted communication
  • Dictation deleted on smartphone as soon as it has been safely transferred to Cloud
  • Dictation file encrypted while on smartphone - 256-bit file encryption
  • Report confidentiality
  • Secure cloud storage - MS Azure
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005
Pro Dictation | Secure cloud storage

Mobile dictation made easy

Pro Dictation | Digital Dictation


Simply dictate your memos or notes. Upload your recording from your Smartphone to ProDictation cloud at a click of a button

Pro Dictation | Human Transcription


Start transcribing now or save it and finish it later. Your dictation can be transcribed immediately or when convenient.

Pro Dictation | Increase the time spent for the patient


Once your document is transcribed it can be sent to you or your client for approval.

Law firm becomes mobile

Alpha advokater

"Allan Schweitz Fischer,partner, Alpha Advokater"

Cases like trials and bankruptcy are usually very timeconsuming in terms of producing documentation. The dictation app makes cases much easier to record and result in higher accuracy and less errors involved, since information is recorded in real-time. Another important benefit is that recorded data can be uploaded and the service works no matter if the device is connected to wifi or a mobile network.

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Optional Services

Don't have your own secretary? Our professional transcribers and translators will process your dictations for you, saving you valuable time.

Record everything and have it transcribed.

All our transcribing teams are highly qualified in specific sectors and can assist you with a single dictation or as many as you need, maximizing accuracy and speed of delivery.

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Quality, Consistency and speed

Select from more than 150 languages, 140 countries and dialects, and more than 50 industries of expertise.More than 19,000 translators vetted for language and industry expertise

Hostedmirsk is the global market leader in Digital Dictation software with over 350,000 users worldwide Accenture Bank of Luxemburg MAERSK Deloitte Merrill Lynch